Wood is an ultimate material to experiment upon with new styles and designs. Solid wood is the one, which comprises of the major parts of the furnitures. It is the wood that is cut into desired shapes from the tree trunk. There are a number of wood varieties and each of them has their own unique set of properties. Wood is basically classified into hardwood and softwood and there is an endless list of the types of wood under each of them. Let us have a deeper understanding of the types of softwoods and hardwoods and the most commonly used types at Danetti.


Cedar is also known as the red wood, since it has a slight reddish colour. It has straight grains and is also slightly aromatic in nature. This type of wood is mostly used for outdoor projects since it has the ability to handle extreme moist and heat.


This wood is also known as Douglas fir and comes in a reddish shade with a slight brownish tint to it. Fir is mostly used for building purposes due to its relatively cheaper cost and is also used for furniture making. Though being softwood, it is actually strong.


This is wood variety that comes in different sub-types like ponderosa, sugar, while, yellow and the like and regardless of the types all of them are great materials when it comes to furniture making. It is a wood that is good at taking stains and gives a perfect finish.


Redwood is mostly co-related with cedar and has more or less the same qualities of cedar and is used in outdoor projects.

Most common Hardwoods and their varieties:

Hardwoods will be the choice of any wood worker due to the fact that they are great to try out new styles and designs. The colors, grains and most of their features makes it the best to make some exquisite and unique furnitures. The only hitch with hardwood is that they are on the expensive table.


Ash is a wood that is found in a whitish shade that ranges close to pale brown colour. It has straight grains and is a perfect alternative to white oak. It is a relatively hard wood making it easy to work with. But when it comes to the availability of ash woods, it is a bit scarce and cannot be found easily.


They come in two variants namely yellow birch and white birch. Yellow birch ranges from a yellow to white colour whereas the white birch is more of a whiter shade and resembles maple wood. Birch wood is easily available and is sustainable wood as well. Hence it is relatively inexpensive too.


This is the most popular and widely used wood all over the world. It is easy to work with and has great grain patterns. It takes stains very well and gives out a great smooth finish. Cheery wood can come as heartwoods or sapwood; heartwoods are a reddish brown in colour, whereas sapwoods are close to white.


This is the best of the best wood pick fro making furnitures because of its excellent colour, grains and hardness. It gives great look and sturdiness to furnitures. It is known to take stains very well and give out the best look with just a single coat of varnish or oils. It is slightly expensive and is also not a wood that is sustainable.